Ramat Beit Shemesh - Gimmel

Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel

Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel (often referred to simply as Gimmel) is located just south of RBS, elevated on the mountain overlooking RBS on one side and the beautify hills of Gush Eztion and forests of Park Britannia on the other.

Gimmel is divided into two areas known asGimmel 1 and Gimmel 2 – both enjoy lower density building and larger apartments as well as many open spaces and parks.

Gimmel 1

Gimmel 1 was the first of Gimmel’s two areas to undergo construction and in a very short time has already developed into a thriving neighborhood.
As of 2018 the population of Gimmel 1 already reached approx. 2,000 apartments and many excellent synagogues, stores, clinics, ganim and schools fully service the community.

Gimmel 2

Gimmel 2, which is Gimmel’s second area of development, is currently in the completion stages of construction. In early 2019 the first residents received possession of their apartments.

This neighborhood offers many beautiful new projects. In particular the ‘Green Avenue’ project built by the renowned Wolfson Family Group comprising over 295 apartments in 23 upscale residential buildings has contributed to ensuring an exceptionally high standard of building for Gimmel 2 and RBS in general. This tremendously successful project which is now sold out and available only via the second hand market has become one of the neighborhood’s most prominent landmarks.

Gimmel 2 is centrally located. It has easy access to the city entrance/exit, is positioned on the hillside opposite the corner of Nachal Luz and Nahar Hayarkon even closer to RBS A than Gimmel 1 and has a newly built bridge connecting it directly to Gimmel 1.

The neighborhood is also situated in close proximity to a newly developed shopping area and boasts lovely large green parks and views of the beautiful surroundings.