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Nestled in the most beautiful surroundings, RBS is centrally located, just a 30 minute drive to Jerusalem and 40 minutes to Tel Aviv.

Ramat Shilo - neighbourhood

Ramat Shilo

The Ramat Shilo neighborhood of RBS was built in 2007 with 340 housing units geared toward a Modern Orthodox population.


Gimmel 1

Gimmel 1 was the first of Gimmel’s two areas to undergo construction and in a very short time has already developed into a thriving neighborhood.


Gimmel 2

Gimmel 2, located even closer to RBS A than Gimmel 1,is Gimmel’s second area to be developed. Residents began moving-in as of 2019.



The south-west part of the city of Beit Shemesh is currently being shaped by the new huge neighborhood of Ramat Beit Shemesh Dalet, which will spread across five areas.



Mishkafayim is a new residential neighborhood located adjacent to the most popular section of RBS A, boasting beautiful scenic views.

Givat Shilo - M3

Givat Shilo – M3

Givat Shilo – M3 is a new neighborhood currently in advanced stages of construction situated adjacent to RBS A on the opposite side of Nahar Hayarkon below Gimmel 2.